Forge Mud Motors

The Difference

• The patented design of the FDT Drilling Motor differentiates itself in several ways from the competition.
•  Position of articulated drive shaft enables a substantial increase in mass diameter of internal parts.

•  Greater mass increases  durability, reliability, and more drilling time on bottom.

•  Integration with the latest high torque power sections does not require design changes.

Oversized Components

The Details

Oversized components contribute to higher strength

• Larger Articulated Drive Shaft &
• Larger High Flow Mandrel
• Thirty percent more axial bearings than the     competition.
Oversize Components contribute to higher strength

Forge Drilling Tools

How It's Done

• Patented drive shaft design, state of the art radial bearings.
• The largest stack of axial bearings in the industry.
• There are no boots or seals that could potentially fail in the design.
• All of this is accomplished in a 42 inch bit-to-bend marine bearing system.
Oversize Components contribute to higher strength
Oversize Components contribute to higher strength
Mandrels are forged and double quenched providing superior grain strength

Patented design and connection placement located below last motor connection, provides for a larger drive shaft diameter and a significant reduction of stress when rotary drilling

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